Research Proposal: The Future of Television

In recent years, there has been growing speculation on the death of television. Due to the evolution of the Internet, with streaming services such as YouTube and Netflix continuing to soar in popularity, some believe that era of television will soon be over.

From my personal standpoint, I truly hope this isn’t the case, as I absolutely love television. I’ve had a dream since the age of 12 to one day compete on the longstanding reality show ‘Survivor’, having been completely obsessed with the show since the first time I viewed it. Since then, I’ve continued to be enthralled by a great variety of television content, whether that is reality shows, sitcoms, or dramas. My addiction to television has grown to the point where I could see myself wanting to work in the field of television, in some sort of capacity.

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Curious. Very Curious

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 12.43.00 am.png

Hello there! It’s been a while. I’m going to be completely honest with you. Blogging and I just needed a break. It just wasn’t working out. We had different interests, and were just splitting apart. It was best for both of us to take time away, and find out who we really are, before coming back together stronger than ever. (In reality though, I just got really lazy over the break… moving on…)

Honestly, I’ve taken so long to write this blog post because I couldn’t get my head around the idea of curiosity, research, and how it all connects personally to me. These days, if I am curious about anything, a quick Google search usually provides me with what I need to know. However, that’s incredibly boring, and not all that rewarding. It wasn’t until I actually took a step back that I got the inspiration for this post. Let me take you back now, to a more simple time.

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