Group Game – Narrative & Story – Sitcom!


We all know that one show. That one sitcom, that just continues to churn out episode after episode, for years on end, even those it had lost its charm and appeal several seasons ago. For the group game that Callum and I are developing in class, the players aim to create a show that has the ability to knock this show off the top spot. For the time being, this game will be known as ‘Sitcom!’

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King Of Tokyo – Game Analysis


Box Art of ‘King of Tokyo’

Simplicity. That would be the word that first came into my mind when our game of ‘King of Tokyo’ (developed by games designer Richard Garfield), began. I thought to myself, how challenging can a game really be, when it simply involves rolling 6 die, in order to either attack, heal, or gain energy points. I, for one, did not even begin to imagine how valuable the strategic component of this game could be. As we found out, if you wanted to win, strategy played a big part, in a game that is far from simple.

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