Live Tweeting Reflection

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Live tweeting a film every week was not as easy as I originally thought it would be. Those first few weeks I feel I spent more time thinking of tweets, than I did actually watching the film. However, as the weeks went on, I felt my live tweeting skills improved, to the point where I was able to not only offer insight, but also create some engagement and conversation.

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Initial Idea For Individual Game

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most creative person, especially when I’m asked to think on the spot. So, when I was asked to name 10 games, in 10 minutes, I mildly freaked out. Eventually, I managed to think up 10 games, although, it’s safe to say that some seem far more promising than others.


Brainstorm of Initial Ideas

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The Future of Food – Research Post

Due to population growth, diminishing arable land partly owing to climate change, and dietary changes with people eating more meat, which in turn requires the production of more cattle fodder, the need to assess the future of food is continuing to grow. It was only in 2014 that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that the world’s food supply is already jeopardised. They stated that in the last 20 years, particularly for rice, wheat, and corn, there has been a slowdown in the growth rate of crop yields.

As such, the production of food will need to be altered, it will need to evolve.  This is my focus. The different evolutions in the growth and production of food, and the effects they will have in combating this growing issue. Research has already begun to show that there are a variety of steps already being taken, many using technology to aid in the process.

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Group Game Individual Contribution


Over the last few weeks, we, as a group, have been tasked to create a game. An overly enjoyable process, my individual contribution to this overall process (design & pitch presentation) changed slightly as the weeks progressed, and this was simply due to the departure of one our group members 2 weeks in. That said, Callum and I were able to roughly break up the responsibilities evenly. Continue reading