Group Game Individual Contribution


Over the last few weeks, we, as a group, have been tasked to create a game. An overly enjoyable process, my individual contribution to this overall process (design & pitch presentation) changed slightly as the weeks progressed, and this was simply due to the departure of one our group members 2 weeks in. That said, Callum and I were able to roughly break up the responsibilities evenly.

After our initial idea was thought up, the theme was picked, and a rough draft of the rules was created, we split up the tasks. We also spent another class time reworking the rules as a group, adding to different roles, and adjusting the mechanics, to make a more fluid game. I was tasked with looking into comparable products in the market, estimate game production, and suggest different game distributors. Research has always been my strength, so I felt quite comfortable with my tasks.

When looking into comparable markets, I first tried to find similar economic style games. The problem I had was that I felt I couldn’t narrow them down enough. Instead, I chose to look at comparable products relating to pitching new TV shows. I found 3 different games, Buy The Rights (2016)Channel A (2012) and Producer (2014), all that play on the idea of a group of people getting together to create or pitch a new TV show, anime or Movie.

Estimating the game production cost was easy enough. After going through a few different companies, and comparing prices, I found (and Callum came to same conclusion) that SuperiorPOD would be the best option, simply due to the fact that although many of the companies offered similar prices, this specific company would allow us to obtain all aspects of the game in the one place. When looking into game distributors, I thought 93 Made Games was the best choice, due to it being an Australian company, which specialises in game design and publishing.

Creating this game was an entirely new process, and while some aspects were far more difficult than others, I feel quite comfortable heading into the individual game design. I have learnt just how many aspects there is to game design, and that even the simplest of ideas (ours was originally a simple improv game) can evolve into something far greater. All of these little pieces of knowledge I have picked up along the way, including the fact that determining your theme and narrative as early as possible is the key to success. This will help when beginning the process of my individual game design.


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