Examining the Representation of a Cyborg in the Justice League


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Throughout my first two posts in this series, I have been able to highlight the ranging degree of successes in which two films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe were able to accurately present a cyborg, when comparing them to real world technology. An advancement in cybernetic technology has shown that Bucky Barnes’ robotic arm, in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, has the real possibility of one day being a possibility, while it seems that Tony Stark’s arc reactor, in the Iron Man series, may one day be possible, just not in the way which was represented on screen.

This 3rd post will differ in various ways, with the most significant difference being that the technology being presented in the Justice League, for the character ‘Cyborg’, is simply incredibly more futuristic then the two previous.

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Shipwreck Cove: Game Rules, Reflection and 2nd Playtest

Game making is not something I ever thought I would undertake, and it’s a process that has been far more challenging than first anticipated. There are far more components to creating a game than I ever truly realised, and each had a set of their own challenges, and obstacles I needed to overcome. Throughout this entire process, I did, however, learn that it is absolutely fine to scrap something that is not working, something that was needed many times when creating my game.

In the past, I would have done everything possible to make it work, even if there was no solution. Game making has taught me that having a failing component is not the worst thing. The pros and cons of each individual ship, the original shape of the board, and even the way the shipwreck tokens were used have either been scrapped, or redesigned, due to feedback I received in the playtests.

That said, the most difficult aspect of game making, thus far, has been creating the game rules. I had an idea in my head what I wanted the game to be and how I wanted to explain it. Writing the rules though proved to be an incredibly frustrating process. That said, you can read the rules of my game, Shipwreck Cove, below.

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Examining the Representation of a Cyborg in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


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In this blog series, I will be examining just how accurate the representation of Cyborgs are, in science fiction films. “The use of artificially reproduced organisms as primary characters in the works of science fiction literature dates back to the origins of the genre (Klein, 2012)”, and these cyborgs “often upset the balance of their societies, causing havoc and inviting scorn and misunderstanding (Klein, 2012)”.

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Individual Game Prototype & Material Components

After thinking up 10 game ideas, and deciding to go forward with my pirate themed game, “Treasure Cove” (again, I will most likely change the title again), I went forward with beginning to create a prototype. Even with a lack of any sort of drawing skills, I managed to create a very rough draft.

For this initial prototype, I chose an A4 piece of paper, a dice, 4 cards, and some meeples (to stand in for the ships each player will move around the board).


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