Random Recap Flashback: Survivor Guatemala – Episode 6 – Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble

Original Airdate – October 20, 2005


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Welcome to the newest instalment into my series of ‘Random Reality Recaps’. With the use of a random number generator, I will begin to rewatch past episodes of the show ‘Survivor’. These recaps, I hope to place a focus on each of the individuals left in the game during the episode, and highlight what they achieved and got up to throughout the 40 minutes. Of course, at times, there will be some who just don’t show up at all.

For this first post, the episode randomly chosen is the 6th episode of the 11th Season, ‘Big Ball, Big Mouth, Big Trouble‘. Originally airing in 2005, It’s actually been quite some time since I have gone back and rewatched Survivor Guatemala. It’s one of those seasons I have a lot of appreciation for. I absolutely adore the setting, amongst the Mayan ruins, and for the most part, the cast is very enjoyable. So, with that in mind, let’s begin the recap.

Spoilers. Obviously.

While this episode had some great moments, it fell victim to having to show both tribes going to Tribal Councils. As such, it did tend to fell very rushed at parts, especially because the challenge was actually quite lengthy. It was a great challenge, but it probably would have been better suited to an episode where there was only one Tribal. There was also definitely a lack of strategic talk, and it also hurt that it became quite obvious who was going home at both Tribals. Margaret never stood a chance, that was clear, and while there was a little more suspense on the other side, it episode was just edited in way that you always figured Brian was the obvious target.


The Nakúm tribe was a bit of mess in this episode. They had a brief moment of struggling with the mosquitos, but after winning the reward challenge, most of the screen time was on an incident that occurred with the beers and root beers. Basically, they had agreed to divide them up evenly, but by the end, one had gone missing, which caused a decent amount of conflict. It was never revealed who stole an extra one, but Judd did imply that he may have accidentally taken it. With that, let’s see what each of the tribe members go up.

Cindy Hall


Confessionals: 4

Voted for: Margaret

As noted above, Cindy apparently got 4 confessionals in this episode… which was the highest amount in the episode, tied with Rafe… yet I couldn’t really tell what she did. She noted, like many of the Nakúm tribe members did at the beginning of the episode, about just how bad the mosquitos were in Guatemala. Besides that, she was very much a non-factor for the most part. She was clearly never in any trouble to go home at any point of the episode, and she voted with the same way as the rest of her tribe at Tribal Council. 4 confessionals… really? That honestly baffles me. Not the strongest of episodes for Cindy.

Jamie Newton


Confessionals: 1

Voted for: Margaret

This was of course the episode where Jamie and Bobby Jon screamed at each other during the immunity challenge, which I still find hilarious to this day. From memory, it’s not the only time the two get very competitive, but it’s by far the most memorable. It’s a bizarre moment, they go chest to chest, saliva is flying, and the stunned silence from everyone makes this moment easily one of the best moments of this season.

Besides that though, Jamie was very much just a vote in this episode. He had a small, nice little moment with Judd at camp, but that’s all you can really say for him outside of his screaming match with Bobby Jon. I do love his comments post screaming though, when he simply said, “I thought it was about to go to blows, you know? Just Southern people. We’re crazy and we know it.” They should have brought Jamie back for a 2nd season, I would have enjoyed that.

Judd Sergeant


Confessionals: 3

Voted for: Margaret

Speaking of people who should have been brought back by now, how on earth has Judd never come back for a 2nd season. He’s absolutely gold in this episode, as he is in basically every episode he appears in. He is loud, he is obnoxious, and he makes a brilliant villain that would fit into any season.

Judd was by far the star of this episode, and it wasn’t even close. Even when he was at the centre of the whole missing beer issue that went down after the immunity challenge, it never seemed like he was ever in danger. Judd even made the point that they wouldn’t be having beer and burgers if it wasn’t without him, so he didn’t care if he drank an extra beer by accident. He was also incredibly confident the entire episode that Margaret was going to be the one going home, especially when it was brought up by Jamie that she was seemingly not even trying to save herself.

Judd was especially entertaining at Tribal Council. He basically steamrolled over everyone, interrupting anyone who even dared to speak, including Jeff. I don’t know if it’s true, but from the looks of it, there’s quite a few people on his tribe that just looks terrified every time he has an outburst. This was also the Tribal where he very bluntly told Margaret to tell everyone if she really did say that he had “A-D-D”. Honestly, this entire Tribal is just Judd arguing with Margaret, and her calmly answering Jeff’s questions, ignoring him. It’s fantastic to watch, and I’m sure he wasn’t doing it on purpose, but he is unintentionally one of the most hilarious characters in this episode, but in Survivor general. He’s the star of this episode.


Lydia Morales


Confessionals: 0

Voted for: Margaret

You could have taken poor Lydia out of the episode completely, and it would not have changed a single thing. That’s not an insult to her, because I absolutely adore Lydia, she’s basically just not in this particular episode. She didn’t participate in the reward challenge, and she was barely on screen when we were shown the Nakúm camp. To her credit, she at least voted the right way at Tribal Council (to which she again, didn’t say a word).

Rafe Judkins


Confessionals: 4

Voted for: Margaret

With all the craziness that occurred in this episode, Rafe was definitely by far the calm person in the episode. He is just so nice, even when noting that Margaret was being too negative, and it was ruining his positivity. It stood out greatly that even with all the hostility in this episode, he remains very calm, if not a little scared of Judd’s outbursts at Tribal Council. This is also especially true within his confessionals, where his style is again, very calm, and very well thought out, and I’m a big fan of them.

Strategically, again, this episode didn’t feature many elements of it, so we didn’t see all that much of his strategic mind. He did win immunity though, and got to sit in and watch the other tribe’s Council. I’m curious to see why he decided to give his immunity to Gary though, because I remember when I first watched it, I was sure he would save Brian.


Stephenie LaGrossa


Confessionals: 0

Voted for: Margaret

For anyone who’s seen Guatemala, they know that Stephenie plays a big role in the entire season, which is why it came as quite a surprise to see how little she was actually in the episode. Clearly a result of having the double Tribal Council, Stephenie’s episode comes down to one word: food. She spent the episode either getting incredibly excited when the reward was revealed as burgers and beers, and then spent the rest of the episode talking about the food she was about to eat. I don’t blame her, I love food that much as well.

Margaret Bobonich


Confessionals: 3

Voted for: Judd

She honestly never stood a chance. Judd had it out for her, and after being swapped tribes in the episode earlier (which she was not taking particularly well), she really had no allies. Not only that, but she was constantly shown to be quite negative throughout, so it became a very predictable outcome.

Margaret knew she was on the outs, and her strategy seemed to be to point out how obnoxious Judd was, and just wait until he digs himself in a hole that he can’t get out of.  To her credit, I’m sure Judd did begin to annoy people throughout, with the beer going missing, but more especially at Tribal. That said, they were never going to flip on him. She was the obvious target, and while she did have a decent showing at Tribal Council, it was all stacked against her, and it would have taken a miracle for her to survive.


Definitely not as entertaining as the other side, Yaxhá’s early episode was spent reacting to the vote out of Blake, with Bobby Jon and Danni showing no regret about flipping on their former ally. They didn’t win the challenge, didn’t get the reward, and we didn’t get to see a lot of their strategic thoughts. Really, the only post challenge content we got from them was the reaction to the screaming match between Jamie and Bobby Jon.

Amy O’Hara


Confessionals: 2

Voted for: Brian

Amy is fantastic in this episode, and a real highlight of the entire pre-merge of this season. I’m honestly surprised she was never brought back, just for entertainment value alone. This was the episode where Amy hurt her ankle during the challenge, and to her credit, she powered through the pain she was clearly feeling. To come back the next round, and contribute to a win, really showed just how tough she was… even if she was only up against Cindy and Margaret.

It was briefly mentioned that she was, at the very least, in the conversation to be voted out, but just due to the fact that there so little strategic conversation in this episode, it was really never shown why they instead decided to target Brian. Maybe it was because, in her words, she only “tweaked it a bit”, but she clearly did something to get the target off her back. Her voting for Brian may have potentially been just to save herself, but we never really any sort of strategic explanation from her in this specific episode. That said, an entertaining episode, for a very underrated character.

Bobby Jon Drinkard


Confessionals: 1

Voted for: Brian

It always sticks out to me, any time I rewatch Guatemala, just how much of a non-factor Bobby Jon is for most of the season, especially when you consider that he is 1 of 2 returning players. As mentioned, his biggest contribution to his episode was his screaming match with Jamie during the immunity challenge, and I still can’t tell you what they were actually screaming about, or what they were attempting to say. All we know is that Bobby Jon believed Jamie crossed a line, and that, in his words, they were like two bulls up against each other.

He was clearly seen as the leader of his alliance, which is why Brian potentially was targeting him, but he just never seemed to be in any real sort of danger, even though he did receive a vote. Gary even admitted that he did not agree with the idea to vote out one of the strong players, when Brian suggested it. It’s also worth a mention that he was unintentionally hilarious during Tribal Council, with some of the things he came up with.  This included referring to Brian as a “kamikaze that’s going to bust a wedge”. Couldn’t tell you what he meant, but it was funny in the moment.

Brandon Bellinger


Confessionals: 2

Voted for: Brian

Brandon’s 2 confessionals came very early in the episode, and was more of a reaction to the events that occurred at the previous Tribal Council. After Danni and Bobby Jon switched sides, which led to the vote out of Blake, Brandon noted how he felt slightly betrayed, but was beginning to essentially wake up, and realise that he is playing a game, and things can change very quickly. He had a very brief conversation with Bobby Jon, questioning if he regrets the events that just occurred, again showing that he did have some awareness to the game he was playing, but besides that, not a lot else much to say about Brandon for this episode.

Danni Boatwright


Confessionals: 0

Voted for: Brian

Like Stephenie, Danni obviously plays a big part in this season as a whole, seeing as she would go on to eventually win it, so again, a little surprising to see just how invisible she actually was in this episode. Not a single confessional, and barely any scenes back at camp, Danni’s only real contribution to the episode was her strong performance in the immunity challenge. With this episode being a little lacking in strategic talk, and seeing as it has since come out that Danni purposely kept most strategic thoughts hidden when asked in confessionals, maybe it actually shouldn’t come as too much of a shock that the future winner of the season had very little to do in this episode.

Gary Hogeboom


Confessionals: 1

Voted for: Brian

I’ll be completely honest and say I’ve never particularly enjoyed watching Gary in this season, and this episode really didn’t do anything to help improve that. After Blake being voted out in the previous episode, there was 3 of each former Nakúm and Yaxhá members, so I actually expected there to be more of a fight, which each side trying to get one of the others to flip over. But, Gary was very adamant that he didn’t want to face the potential of a tie, and from what we saw, he didn’t even entertain the idea of Brian’s idea to take out Bobby Jon. Strength seemed to be a priority for him, and that’s not the worst move for his game, as it allowed him to stay in and the game and it kept him around into the merge, but, maybe I just expected more.

I’m sure if this was just a single Tribal Council episode, we would have got more of an explanation, but unfortunately, we never truly got the reason why he flipped.

Brian Corridan


Confessionals: 3

Voted for: Bobby Jon

Brian really didn’t do a lot wrong in this episode, and it’s such a shame that he a tribe swap basically screwed up his game. He just fell in a situation where he got switched over into a new tribe, and it just seemed that Gary didn’t want to vote out strength, or entertain the idea of going to a tie.

After taking out Blake in the previous episode, there was a chance where himself, Amy and Gary could gain numbers over Danni, Bobby Jon and Brandon, and he clearly stated that this was his main goal. He wanted to knock out the other 3, and it’s just such a shame he wasn’t able to save himself again. I’m sure if this episode had just a single Tribal Council, we would have been shown a lot more as to why Brian became the target, but, just due to time restraints, we didn’t get a great explanation. All we know is that he was seen, by Bobby Jon, as one of the ‘weaker players’, and he was blindsided at Tribal Council because of it. He did, however, have one of my personal favourite voting confessions, even if it didn’t out to be true, when he said, “this would be the ‘outwit’ part of ‘outwit, outplay, outlast’.



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