Random Reality Recaps – Contextual Essay

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When considering the success of any type of project, highlighting and reflecting on the concept, methodology, utility and overall trajectory is crucial. For this semester’s digital artefact, appraising the project’s success and limitations is also a significant aspect. Deciding to continue the digital artefact started for a previous subject was a simple decision. It became clear, especially towards the end of the previous semester, that the digital artefact, ‘Random Reality Recaps’, had a great potential, if changes were made. As a result of making these changes, and adjusting the problems which brought down the quality and the reach from last year, I felt that this digital artefact achieved the utility originally outlined, as well as the personal goals that were created at the start of the semester. While the concept and methodology remained similar, the tweaks made at the beginning, and throughout, allowed for the overall trajectory to be far more successful. The iterations were crucial, and as a result of learning from the audience, and understanding the feedback loops, ‘Random Reality Recaps’ truly succeeded any of my original expectations.

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Peer Review – Bec’s Bookshelf

For this peer review, I have chosen to follow the development trajectory of Rebecca Neilson’s digital artefact, ‘Bec’s Bookshelf‘. The reasoning behind choosing to follow this artefact was due to an immediate interest in the content she was creating. I’ve actually been following her blog since last year, when she did her artefact for a previous subject, and thoroughly enjoyed the content she was producing. When the opportunity was brought forward, to personally follow another project, it become very apparent that this was not going to be a difficult decision to make.

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Australian Survivor – Season 3 – Super Fan vs Super Rookie – Final 4 Predictions


How is it already last week of this season? After a crazy couple of weeks, where I’ve constantly predicted the wrong people are going home, we are now down to our final 4, and what an interesting final 4 it has turned out to be. 3 Champions, 1 final Contender, each playing very different games, but all worthy of sitting at that Final Tribal Council. This time last year, I feel that Jericho was so far ahead, that is wasn’t much of a surprise when he won. This year, I truly couldn’t tell you who is going to walk away as the Sole Survivor.

With that in mind, the power rankings are getting a bit of an upgrade this week. Instead of just having me, babble on about each of the remaining contestants, I’ve brought in a friend to have some friendly competition. I, Brendon, the super fan, who has watched every episode of this season (and every episode of every other Australian and US season), will put his predicting skills to the test against Tayla, who has only seen one full episode of Survivor – the most recent episode of this season. Does having a full season of context help in predicting a winner? Or is one episode simply enough? Lets find out. (If Tayla manages to do better than me, we can just put it down to beginners’ luck…)

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