Using Sport to Rebel Against Expectation – A Narrative Photo Series

Using Sport to Rebel Against Expectation

Project Statement

The creation of a photo series, portraying the concept of a living ‘rebel’ was one in which put forward several challenges, but as a whole, presented an opportunity to create a series using techniques and skills that were only just beginning to be developed. Considering who may be a suitable person to participate in this photoshoot proved to be one of the more significant obstacles throughout this process, as it was crucial to truly understand the idea of a rebel.

At first, I perceived a rebel as possibly someone who just didn’t follow instructions, or was seen as a ‘troublemaker’, however further research into the concept of a rebel outlined how that was not the most accurate of definitions. Instead, a greater definition of a rebel was simply an individual who “challenges the status quo, often by questioning what many people consider to be the ‘natural’ order of thing (Schawbel, 2019)”. When considering this, my cousin, who has so often been pressured by his parents into focusing solely on studies, and also juggle his full-time job at Coles, always finds time, even when he shouldn’t, to get down to the local soccer field, whether that is alone, or with friends. In my opinion, this seemed to be a suitable ideal person to be a part of this photoshoot. The intention then became clear, which was to find a way to document how he is a living ‘rebel’, from capturing moments from beginning of his work day, to the time in which he is at the soccer fields.

Choosing to do the photo series using the narrative form seemed to be the efficient way to portray the rebel, as it effectively allows to show a ‘day in the life’. A concept I had from the start that I hoped to implement in the series was using different lighting for the two different locations of the photo shoot. The inspiration of this came Tim Clayton Photography, who has large sport themed photo portfolio. One specific series, ‘Attitude at Altitude’, proved to be inspiration of how I wanted my outdoor shots to look, with ‘All eyes on the Australian Open – a photo essay’, from The Guardian, also providing inspiration. The vibrant greens and blues were exactly the colours I hoped would be present in my own photographs, as I was hoping this would signify when he was at his happiest, having essentially rebelled from the work and study he was pressured to do. This was to be juxtaposed by a slightly more dull set of colours for the indoor photographs, to highlight that this was not even close to bringing as much joy.




Schawbel, D. (2019). How Rebels can Thrive in a World that doesn’t always Reward them. [online] Fast Company. Available at: [Accessed 27 Mar. 2019].

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