Using Sport to Rebel Against Expectation – An Audio Piece


Project Statement

From the very beginning, I wanted this audio piece to take the listeners on a journey, from start to end. To do this, I felt the need to incorporate three different layers throughout the piece, that being voice, atmosphere and foley. The audio piece is follows the subject of my rebellion series, carried on from my last project, which focused on a University student using sport to rebel against expectation.

The piece takes the audience through what a typical day can be for the rebel, with the use of sound to paint a picture. The voice portion was used to guides the audience, while the foley and atmosphere are used to create depth to the story being told. The foley, taking place inside the house, was intended to present a somewhat chaotic environment, while the outside atmosphere was to be the complete opposite. While I was the one asking the questions, I intentionally kept my side of the interview out of the finished piece, as to not create any sort of distraction.

When considering inspiration for this audio piece, surprisingly a podcast from 99% invisible, named ‘Uptown Squirrel’ provided the type of piece of was making. This audio piece took the audience on a journey, mainly featuring the use of voice, but also atmosphere noises throughout. While struggling to figure out how I wanted to structure my own piece, this particular piece began with the use of voice, to set the scene, which I felt was a fitting way to also begin my own project.

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