Using Sport to Rebel Against Expectation – A Motion Picture Project

Continuing on with the same subject as the previous two projects, this piece always had the intention of being a very reflective piece. This was the main idea I was working with from the beginning, with the hope that this self-reflecting piece would explore the very reasons he may be seen as a rebel. This developed greatly when the filming process began, and I was able to once again witness him in his most comfortable state, away from all the distraction and pressures he faces. To fully explore this idea, I featured a sit-down interview, which along with the film being captured, was my best chance to convey the message.

When considering the direction that I wanted to take this audiovisual piece, there were several works that I took inspiration from. A short film, released by National Geographic, was the starting point to my piece. It’s use of voice overs and short interviews enabled it to  exploring the message it successfully presented, and was here that I began to create ideas for my own piece. ‘Zidane: A 21stCentury Portrait’ was another work, though more experimental, that also proved influential. This piece, instead of focusing on an entire game, stayed focused on just a single player, capturing all the movement and emotions that were present, and I headed into my own project attempting to similarly capture this type of emotion, by just focusing on my subject, and nothing or nobody else.

The relationship between the audio and the visual was a balance I had to find. While I hope the audience find the visual media to be eye-catching and captivating, I believe that it alone was never going to be able to display the meaning and message that I was hoping to convey. As such, the piece had to be driven by the audio, which in this case, was predominately voice over from the interview, with the visual media intending to reinforce the message. Where possible, there was also the addition of previously captured non-diagetic sounds from the last task.

Several decisions had to be made throughout this project. The entire visual media had to be refilmed, due to the first round of filming not resulting in satisfying material. It was very grey, and with the subject of the piece also wearing dull colours, there was a great lack of vibrancy. This was supposed to be where he was most relaxed, and at peace, and the tone of the media didn’t represent this. The audio was crucial for this project; however, it was another aspect that caused issues. The windy day resulted in a lack of useable audio media, especially in the action shots. While the interview, and voiceover had to be re-recorded in a new setting, to allow for clear audio, I was unable to refilm these action pieces, and as such, had to work around it.

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