Australian Survivor – All Stars – The Golden God is Sitting Pretty – Top 11 Power Rankings


So… it’s been a while. Haven’t written anything about Survivor since the final week of season 3. However, I’ve missed writing about Survivor (and just in general) greatly, and with this season hopefully picking up big time now that they have merged, I thought it’s a good time to jump right back in. So here are my power rankings for the 11 remaining All Stars left in the game, after last nights merge episode. By the way, did you know it was All Stars? I feel they haven’t mentioned that. But it is in fact, All Stars.

These power rankings are determined with who I believe is in the best spot heading into the next episode. Also, let’s take a moment of silence after losing Flick, Phoebe and Nick all in the last few episode… bad few days for season 1 fans. 

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