Australian Survivor – All Stars – The Golden God is Sitting Pretty – Top 11 Power Rankings


So… it’s been a while. Haven’t written anything about Survivor since the final week of season 3. However, I’ve missed writing about Survivor (and just in general) greatly, and with this season hopefully picking up big time now that they have merged, I thought it’s a good time to jump right back in. So here are my power rankings for the 11 remaining All Stars left in the game, after last nights merge episode. By the way, did you know it was All Stars? I feel they haven’t mentioned that. But it is in fact, All Stars.

These power rankings are determined with who I believe is in the best spot heading into the next episode. Also, let’s take a moment of silence after losing Flick, Phoebe and Nick all in the last few episode… bad few days for season 1 fans. 

1. David Genant


The man is in a majority of 7, against the remaining 4 Vakama members. He has Moana firmly on his side, a sidekick in Zach, and a bunch of loyal soldiers. Oh and 2 idols. I don’t see a situation where David is going anywhere in the next few episodes, unless he is majorly blindsided (an actual blindside would have to happen though, not what they’ve called a blindside lately).

While I’m not the biggest fan of the dominating edit he is getting, I still really enjoy David, he is great television, and I think he is playing a fantastic game. I firmly believe he’s in the box seat, and if he can get there against anyone in his alliance (except… maybe Moana? Although I’m not even sure how popular she would be in front of the jury), he will win this game. As long as he has learnt from his last season, and doesn’t get voted out with 1, or both of his idols, I just don’t see a reason why David won’t be here for the endgame.

2. Moana Hope


It was honestly a flip of a coin over who would be 1 or 2 on this list. They both have very similar strengths, being in a tight alliance, with soldiers who I can’t see ever flipping on them. While David has Zach, Moana has Jacqui and Tarzan. While she’s playing a quiet game, there’s no denying how well Moana is playing on her 2nd try. Really, the only reason why David is above her on this list is because of his two idols.

I don’t have the biggest opinion on Moana though. She’s playing a very solid game, and her strategy of not leaving the shelter, and seemingly letting people come to her is working great for her. The problem is, outside of her alliance, I don’t know how strong her relationships are, and that could be a problem if she is sitting in the final 2. This is a game all about relationships, and we just haven’t seen her making any outside of her core. Cutting herself off from the remaining members of the game isn’t the greatest of ideas. That said, I don’t see her Tarzan or Jacqui ever flipping on her, and she’s got a strong bond with Sharn, so I can’t see her joining Lochy on the jury in the near future.

3. Tarzan Herlaar


Just as I could have interchanged David and Moana, I could have easily done the same for Tarzan and Jacqui. They’re both strong allies with Moana, firmly sit in the majority, and… that’s really all we know? We got some extra content from Tarzan yesterday, when he was doubting David, and how he was playing the double agent… but I feel that was only inserted so us as the viewers could have some doubt about whether Locky would go home.

Honestly, there’s just not much to say on him. If this alliance of 7 continues to pick off the other 4 (which I unfortunately see happening), Tarzan is sitting in a great spot, especially as he is a very likeable person. It’s just a shame we barely see anything of him.

4. Jacqui Patterson


… Jacqui is there, she’s in the majority and tight with Moana and Tarzan. That’s basically all we know, that’s all we’ve seen. I feel for her, but with this season’s airtime being dominated by a few players, she’s just not being shown. I don’t see her going anywhere soon… so that’s a win?

5. Zach Kozyrski


Do… do we sort of… like Zach now? Maybe? A little? Biggest surprise of the season?

As with the two above, he doesn’t get much in terms of an edit, but we now know he likes birds, and that was the standout scene of the last night’s merge episode. His relationship with Shonee is interesting, and I’d like to see where that leads in the next few episodes (if he could help her get into a new majority, that’d be nice). However, it’s his relationship with David that puts him so high up on this list. If David continues to steamroll his way through this game, I see no reason why Zach won’t be by his side. I don’t see him winning, but like the others in this top 5, I don’t see a reason why we won’t be seeing him for the next few weeks.

6. Sharn Coombes


I was so high on Sharn in her first season. I thought she played a fantastic game, and probably deserved to win that game. I just can’t say the same this time though. While I’m surprised she isn’t a bigger character this season, her gameplay has just been all over the place. Pre-merge, she seemed to play both sides all the way through until the Phoebe vote, when she was very much caught doing so. Somehow though, she’s back in the majority, potentially due to her tight relationship with Moana, and has escaped the wrath of David (who may be the most vindictive player I’ve ever seen play this game?).

However, if this game does go down to the just the Mokuta 7, I feel Sharn would be on the outs. She’s still seen as a huge threat, which is why she received 5 votes last night, and it wouldn’t surprise me if David sees her as the most dangerous person in that majority, and he holds a hell of a lot of power. Her bond with Moana could prove very valuable though. For now, Sharn is fine, but her future doesn’t look as bright as the other members of her alliance.

7. Lee Carseldine


Why aren’t we seeing more of Lee? He was a big character the first time round, his social media presence is surprisingly fun, and there hasn’t been a single mention of ‘mateship’. That unfortunately just hasn’t translated to the game. It’s tough to place him, because we just don’t see any strategy talk from him, and that’s I’ve had to place him at the bottom of that majority 7. Hopefully with less players around, we actually hear from him a little more, but… until then, it’s tough to know his place in this game.

He’s tight with Sharn, and we know has at least a pre-existing relationship with the remaining season 1 member, Brooke, but besides that… who really knows what Lee is doing out there.

8. Shonee Fairfax


I’ll admit it, my love for Shonee grows with each episode. If you happened to have read when I wrote about her original season, this isn’t news, because I adored her back then, and if anything, I may adore her even more now. Which is why it pains me to put her so low on this list… but unfortunately she’s in a minority, against a tight majority…  and I struggle to see a way out for any of the the remaining Vakama members.

There are positives to her game though, with her strong social game continuing to be highlighted, and if there is any way for her to save herself, she needs to continue to use it. I don’t see why out of the 4 she would be targeted first, especially when you have big threats in AK and Harry. If she can lay low for a while, continue to build relationships there may be a chance Shonee can find the crack that gets her back in power. But, until then, I unfortunately have to rank her this low. Hopefully the new challenge beast can work her magic, because we can’t lose her. She’s just far too entertaining, and this season just wouldn’t be the same without her.

9. Brooke Jowett


A favourite of mine from season 1, things were seemingly looking good for Brooke pre-merge, and I was seriously liking her chances.  She had a tight alliance, a strong relationship with Locky, and even got her revenge on Flick. But coming into the merge low on numbers was always going to be difficult, especially when the majority does seem so tight. It seemed like a questionable decision to trust David (although from what’s been said online, it may have been their only choice), and right now, Brooke and her alliance are in big trouble.

With Moana wanting revenge for Mat, and now with Locky gone, Brooke potentially could be the next target. That said, she’s proven to be great at challenges, and with, in my opinion, two bigger threats left in her alliance, I can see Brooke surviving until at least next week. She’s got some work to do though, but I’m rooting for her and Shonee to make something happen.

10. Harry Hills

giphy-2 11.36.27 am.gif

Look, I’m still a little mad that Harry didn’t use his advantage to save Nick. I get it, I get why he didn’t, and by not doing so, it guaranteed his spot at the merge. But I’m still mad. I wanted a Rascal reunion, and we were all robbed of that. That is not the reason he is this low though.

As with the other 3, he’s on the outs, and with him still having his ‘Dirty Harry’ reputation from last season, I could easily see him being the next target. David is in total control of this game, and knows from first hand experience just how good Harry can be, and just how hard it can be to take him out, which does not help Harry’s chances. If the shot is there, they may just take it… so with that in mind, it’s not looking good for Harry, and that pains me to say that. The show’s choice to revisit the final 3 immunity challenge that he participated in his original season could be his saving grace though.

11. AK Knight


I’ve been seriously been impressed by AK this season. Coming into it, I was worried that being placed on the same tribe as Locky would be his downfall, but he seemingly made it quite easily to the merge. You knew he had a great deal of potential in his first season that we weren’t able to see, due to his early exit, so it’s been a great to see him do well so far.

However, he could be in some big trouble going into tonight’s episode. Being the decoy vote is never great, and with Locky now gone, he is most likely the next big target, just because everyone knows how good he can be at this game. Moana is still on her revenge tour, and Brooke and AK would most likely be on the top of her list, having been against her in the early days of the game. I don’t want to see it happen, because I’m a big fan… but I’m worried for AK. As with the other members in his alliance, I don’t want to see them go home, but how does he get out out of this spot?

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