Using Sport to Rebel Against Expectation – A Motion Picture Project

Continuing on with the same subject as the previous two projects, this piece always had the intention of being a very reflective piece. This was the main idea I was working with from the beginning, with the hope that this self-reflecting piece would explore the very reasons he may be seen as a rebel. This developed greatly when the filming process began, and I was able to once again witness him in his most comfortable state, away from all the distraction and pressures he faces. To fully explore this idea, I featured a sit-down interview, which along with the film being captured, was my best chance to convey the message.

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Using Sport to Rebel Against Expectation – An Audio Piece


Project Statement

From the very beginning, I wanted this audio piece to take the listeners on a journey, from start to end. To do this, I felt the need to incorporate three different layers throughout the piece, that being voice, atmosphere and foley. The audio piece is follows the subject of my rebellion series, carried on from my last project, which focused on a University student using sport to rebel against expectation.

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Using Sport to Rebel Against Expectation – A Narrative Photo Series

Using Sport to Rebel Against Expectation

Project Statement

The creation of a photo series, portraying the concept of a living ‘rebel’ was one in which put forward several challenges, but as a whole, presented an opportunity to create a series using techniques and skills that were only just beginning to be developed. Considering who may be a suitable person to participate in this photoshoot proved to be one of the more significant obstacles throughout this process, as it was crucial to truly understand the idea of a rebel.

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Global Networks


Globalisation can be defined as the:

“… broadening, deepening and speeding up the world-wide interconnectedness in all aspects of life, from the cultural to the criminal, the financial to the environmental. At issue appears to be ‘a global shift’; that is, a world being moulded, by economic and technological forces, into a shared economic and political arena.” (Held, D. et al, 1999)

There is no doubt that globalisation has had a great impact all over the world – impacts that are often debated as to whether has been a positive or negative. You only have to take a quick look around the room you are currently sitting in to see the different examples of globalisation. From the clothes we wear, to the way we now communicate, globalisation is highly apparent. The positive impacts named often include creating a better economy, living standards have risen, and a greater cultural appreciation. On the other hand, loosing national integrity and mental pressures on companies have been labelled as negative impacts of globalisation.

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Problems with International Education… But Why?

‘International education is not the rich intercultural experience it could be’ – Marginson (2012)

The above quote is a reflection on how the current state of international education is viewed by many. Speaking from my own experiences, I’ve never travelled overseas on any sort of exchange program, and as such, I have no first hand knowledge of what it is like to be in a foreign country, away from all that I know, to undertake a form of study. However, unlike me, who quite frankly is not brave enough to undertake in this kind of adventure, there are great numbers of individuals who are currently studying abroad.

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Welcome to Nollywood!


‘Nollywood’ – Overtook Hollywood in 2009 to become the 2nd largest movie industry

I’ll be perfectly honest, I had actually never heard of ‘Nollywood’ until I read the term in the subject outline at the beginning of the semester. I had of course heard of Hollywood, and Bollywood was a term I was familiar with, but somehow, I had absolutely no knowledge of the world’s second largest movie industry. A quick Google Search told me that ‘Nollywood is a colloquial name given to the Nigerian film industry’. Further reading, however, revealed that ‘Nollywood’ is in fact a very captivating, but unique film-making industry.

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