TVs On… But No One is Watching


Oh how times have changed. Whether you view it as a positive or negative thing, media convergence has changed the way most individuals live most aspects of their lives. Henry Jenkins defines convergence as “the flow of content across multiple media platforms” and the “cooperation between multiple media industries” (Jenkins, 2006). This basically means that in this current age, devices are allowing for an individual to perform tasks that would once have to be done amongst a different range of platforms. There are so many ways in which convergence is seen in our every day lives, with possibly the most obvious being the smart phone. No longer seen as simply a ‘communication device’, a smart phone such as the iPhone allows an individual to undertake in a great range of tasks on the one device. Whether it is texting, checking emails, playing games, using social networking or simply checking the time, the smart phone has changed the way people essentially live their day to day lives.

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Ownership = Power?


As a 18 year old in this ‘online generation’, it is safe to say that I am surrounded by media on a daily basis. While I am not attached to my phone on a constant basis like some, my day will include me regularly checking the social media platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. I will also every morning spend some time on Fox Sports and other news websites, in my attempt to keep up with what is going on around me. As a result, it is clear to me just how big of a factor the media can be in an individual’s life.

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Video Games, Not Real Life


Growing up in the generation that I did, I would often find myself consuming hours of video games, to the point where it would actually get in the way of vital aspects of life, such as eating and… school work. Whether it was the endless search for Princess Peach, who has once again found herself kidnapped by Bowser on the Nintendo 64 (I really think it’s time the Princess takes some self defense lessons), or finally getting the sweet satisfaction of evolving my little Dratini into the powerful Dragonite in Pokemon Yellow on my Gameboy, video games have always been a big part of my life. While games such as Super Mario Bros and Pokemon aren’t going to be seen as highly controversial (unless people begin to stuff animals into little balls), there has always been one video game genre that has continued to create anxieties. I am of course talking of any video game that can be seen as ‘violent’.

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Why Am I Here?

I wish I could say that there is an amazingly simple and inspiring story as why I found myself sitting in my very first #BCM112 lecture, in my first week at UOW. It certainly wasn’t where I thought I would be sitting when I began high school, or even when I entered year 12 (Oh though, to be fair, it’s hard to think straight with continuous talks of how important the results of the HSC was going to be… but I won’t go into that).

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