Survivor – Season 16 – Episode 13: The Ultimate Jedi Mind Trick

Original Airdate: May 8th, 2008


Today I’ve decided to go back in the archives, and watch an episode of ‘Survivor’ from the past. Problem was, I really had no idea which episode to pick. Thankfully, the lovely people of Reddit came to my aid, when I posted this:

Screen Shot 2017-08-26 at 12.52.25 am.png

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Australian Survivor – Who Can Still Win? – Top 9 Power Rankings


Can I just say how absolutely stellar the last 3 episodes of Australian Survivor have been? We’ve gone from having 12 players, 2 immunity idols and a super idol, to just 9 players and a single immunity idol. Some great moments and some really solid gameplay has caused the last few episodes, especially the latest, to be some of the best episodes of Survivor I’ve seen in a long time.

So, as you can probably tell, I’ve loved this season so far, and after not writing anything about it since episode 1, I figured it was a good time to come back and give you my thoughts on the 9 remaining contestants, and what I believe their chances of winning this Survivor season are.

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Hell’s Kitchen Australia – Season 1 – Episode 9: I Thought This Was a Cooking Show?


I, in my time, have watched a few different reality cooking shows. I used to watch Masterchef, and I watched the most recent season of My Kitchen Rules, and although I have heard of Hell’s Kitchen, and seen some ads for it, I’ve never watched an episode. That being said, I sat down and watched Tuesday night’s episode of the Hell’s Kitchen, and… I have some thoughts.

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The Block – Season 13 – Episode 10: Back to School!


I haven’t watched an episode of the block… in years. I used to watch it, but when I began working, and started uni, my interest and motivation to watch the show just kind of faded away. I used to enjoy the building and renovating aspects of the show, however, I felt that slowly started to take a backseat at times. That being said, I sat down and watched Monday night’s episode of the The Block: Street, and… I have some thoughts.

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Australian Survivor – Season 2 – Episode 1: Bye Bye Mateship!


I’ve loved Survivor since I was about 10 years old. The real first memory I have of the show was back in season 10, Palau, where Ulong lost every single immunity challenge, leaving Stephenie to be the last member of her tribe. Fast forward to 2017, where this 20 year old still gets hyped for a new Survivor season. With that in mind, let’s dive into the premiere episode of Australian Survivor: Season 2.

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Random Reality Recaps

Hello there!

I figured that before I actually begin writing, I’d explain what I am actually planning on doing. Being a big fan of reality shows (especially Survivor), I have always wanted to begin writing recaps. No real reason why, but it is always an interest I’ve wanted to followed. That being said, the idea of writing recaps twice a week, for a few months, for one specific show, was quite intimidating.


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