Pair Watch – Audio Advertisement – Digital Artefact


The innovation created throughout this semester was titled the ‘Pair Watch’, a smart watch that retained the old features from previous smart devices, and combined those features with brand new technology, that had either not been included in similar watches, or not yet released. As such, convergence was a concept that was highly relevant to this artefact, as well as the idea of ‘digital disruption’, which was another argument included throughout this digital artefact. Regarding this digital artefact, which took the shape of an audio advertisement, potentially something you may hear over the radio, the research undertaken aimed to reinforce the main aspects and arguments I was making throughout. More specifically, the digital artefact attempted to convey why the audience needed this product, highlighting the use of convergence, and also how it will affect the market, through the concept of digital disruption.

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BCM241 – Final Project – Anti Social TV

When I started out this project, I had one clear goal in mind. Find a way to make watching episodes of ‘Survivor’ into an actual project. After a few weeks of work, including getting incredibly frustrated at using Prezi (I’m now convinced it’s evil), my final project is now complete.

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For Hackers, Information is the New Gold Mine


In a previous blog post, I touched on hacking, and how it has been exploited for in the entertainment world, and while it has become more realistic, it tends to showcase the good it can do. That, however, it not to say that hacking is not dangerous. In fact, in a world where technology has only continued to advance, information is incredibly valuable, and it will often become the main target of hackers, and cybercrime. The above gif is simply a visual representation of the hackers intention, beating the information out of your network. Their moves … are just done behind a computer screen…not in a ring.

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Hacking, as seen on TV

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 10.18.28 pm.png

As defined by Techopedia, hacking is the “unauthorised intrusion into a computer or a network“, with hackers employing “a variety of techniques for hacking“. The term ‘hack’, and its technological connotations have proliferated in both scope and presence in this modern age, however, in terms of the entertainment world, directors and writers have struggled with how to portray hacking simply because the act of hacking in real life is not very interesting or visually compelling. That being said, in recent times, hacking on our TV screens has become ever more popular.

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Reflecting on my Public Writing Practice


Reflection is an important prerequisite to making meaning of new information, and to advance from surface to deep learning

~ Xie, Ke and Sharma, 2008

Experiencing success through blogging has only come about due to learning from the many past mistakes. Roughly a year ago,I entered the world of public writing, through the use of this blog. Being that my experience in this field was incredibly limited beforehand, it comes as no surprise that the first few months were quite rough, to say the least. However, overtime, I have begun to feel far more comfortable with publishing my thoughts online. This essentially came about when finally finding my own voice and my style for online blogging. In addition to this, using different tools to further spread the post I have created, and, furthermore, to keep the audience engaged, was another important lesson I have learnt along the way.

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Every Revolution Begins With a Spark… 

I argue that these digital tools are simply, well, tools, and social change continues to involve many painstaking, longer-term efforts to engage with political institutions and reform movements ~ Evgeny Morozov


This is in no way a criticism of social media. This is also not to say that social media is not incredibly powerful. One only has to look at how a movement leveraged the power of social media so successfully that it resulted in the Egyptian Government attempting to block social media websites.

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Changing the Game One Tweet at a Time

“Even for a casual observer of the journalistic industry it is becoming difficult to escape the conclusion that journalism is entering a time of crisis” ~ Axel Bruns

I’m sure I’ve said it before, and I doubt it will be the last time I do so, but technology has continued to change the game, in basically all aspects of life. Social media, Twitter, especially, has had a lasting impact, and the field of journalism has become the latest casualty. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below to see how simple it really is to use Twitter to spread news (even when it’s not true).


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A Failed Field Trip to the Movies


Hägerstrand used the space-time path to demonstrate how human spatial activity is often governed by limitations, and not by independent decisions by spatially or temporally autonomous individuals. He identified three categories of limitations, or “constraints”: capability, coupling, and authority


Frustrating. Frustrating would be the word I use to describe how my failed planning trip to the movies went.

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This Bout is Set For One Fall


Ah, the old debate. Apple v Android. Ranked up with such classic battles like Harry vs Voldemort, Luke Skywalker vs Darth Vader, and apparently, Katy Perry vs Taylor Swift (really couldn’t tell you what they’re fighting about though), you’ll often find people debating on which phone is the better option. This usually involves arguing about different features and possibly which of the two systems produce more atheistically pleasing devices.

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